Butterbeer, Potions and Spells Galore

Come to our wizard-themed coffee shop in Fredonia, NY

There's magic among us. The Wizarding World first appeared on pages in our favorite books, but it's taken a life of its own over the years. At A Spot & A Spell, we bring the magic of Harry Potter to life right here in Fredonia, NY. Our coffee shop and holistic store combines the most iconic parts of the franchise with fun activities to bring your imagination to life.

Whether you're on the hunt for authentic Butterbeer or chocolate frogs, our Harry Potter-themed shop is the place to be. Grab your broomstick and drop on by.

Everything you need for a magical day

Our locally owned coffee shop and holistic store is the perfect place to come for...

Marvelous drinks, including classic Butterbeer and more than 27 different coffee flavors
Otherworldly learning, including wand making and potions classes
Handmade jewelry, including metaphysical gemstones and artisan pieces

Join us for a Harry Potter potions class, and you'll walk away with knowledge that would impress even Hermione Granger. Get in touch with us today to reserve your spot.

Meet the Lady of the Lake

Ever considered speaking with a local medium? Lady of the Lake is an international medium based right here in Fredonia, NY. She offers Spiritual Saturdays every six weeks to help individuals connect with their inner spirituality through things like herbs, oracle cards and journaling.