Come to Our School of Witchcraft and Wizardry .

We'll host your Harry Potter birthday party in Fredonia, NY

Is your soon-to-be 11-year-old anxiously waiting for their Hogwarts letter? If they want to attend the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, bring them to A Spot & A Spell in Fredonia, NY for a Harry Potter birthday party. Your child and their friends can participate in a Harry Potter potions class to learn all of the skills the characters in the books learned over the years.

In addition to birthday parties, we also host baby showers, bridal showers and book clubs. Get more information by speaking with one of our team members today.

A wand that's made for you

Every Harry Potter fan knows that you don't choose your wand - it chooses you. At A Spot & A Spell, you'll learn how to make your own wand to create a perfect match.

You can also join the fun by...

Participating in a Harry Potter potions class
Exploring our library of magical books
Spending time in our common room
Shopping in our wand shop
Joining our Harry Potter Halloween costume contest

Let us host your Harry Potter birthday party. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

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